Social Wifi

Spread The Word Through Real People

Turn your free WiFi into an organic marketing tool.

Customers simply check in to your Facebook page to access your wifi. When someone uses your wifi and checks in at your shop all their Facebook friends will discover your place! Make the best out of your free wifi by generating traffic in your direction, increase the number of check-ins at your shop and rank up your Facebook page!

Social Wifi is for

Restaurants  & Cafés


Fitness Centers


Retail Stores

Hair & Beauty Salons

Daily check-ins

Reach more people

  • When your clients check in to use your Wi-Fi, their friends can discover your shop by seeing the story in their timeline.


  • After checking in people will be invited to like your page, so they can continue to connect with you on Facebook and keep them updated with your story. On the other hand, all their friends that click on their post will also land on your Facebook Page.

Help people find your business

More check-ins and engagement with your Facebook Page will improve the rank in search results and on the Nearby Places tab on the Facebook mobile app. Every check-in generates a post on the user’s timeline where people can engage to your shop, comment to posts, click like, and share.

More Check-ins =

+Sharing with friends


+ More people were here


+ Views and likes


+ Engagement with your page


+ Better page ranking


+ Easier to find on nearby places

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