Facebook Orders

Make your food and drinks more available, ease communication, and improve sales!
User Experience (On Facebook)
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1. Hit Shop Now

People can order directly from Facebook, they don’t have to switch apps or make phone calls. Making sales just got easier!

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2. See the menu

If you want to sell your product you have to show it to the world. What better place is there than Facebook? Now let’s start selling.

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3. Select Options

For every category, you can give specific options to make sure there is quality control and client only selects valid options.

order delivery directly from facebook

4. Review Order

Your client can see the order exactly how it will be received by your staff, both him and you will be emailed this info. No one has to touch a pen.

5. Pickup Or Delivery?

Facebook Orders is for both pickups OR deliveries. We’re all about increasing your sales by allowing clients to place orders at all times.

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6. Confirm the time

Once your tablet rings to let you know that a new order came in you can simply confirm the by pressing two digits on your tablet. E.g. 20 minutes.

At The Restaurant (Order Taking App)

Confirm time

Print Order

All info sent directly to kitchen!

Success Story at one of our clients in Sliema, Malta.


1. People can see your menu and order directly from Facebook, they don’t have to switch apps or make phone calls. We make your business more accessible.


2. With our system, you can accept orders for later even so clients can order even when your restaurant is closed – that way you never lose a sale! Orders are simply queued up for open hours. Clients can order any time, and you don’t have to worry about if your phone line is busy.


3. The system improves consistency in your order handling and reduces risk of error since information is being passed directly from the client to the kitchen.


4. Save time. Receiving orders over the phone is very time consuming.


5. We help you build a database of email addresses, phone numbers, and contacts from all transactions. You gain access to this database from a control panel that we provide, and you can extract the emails at any point in time.


6. Effortlessly update your menu. We guarantee that our system is the easiest menu update system that you will ever use.


7. Easily extract log files and reports to monitor your sales


8. One time fee for those who tried our previous innovations, such as Social Wifi! No maintenance costs, no commissions!


9. A system loved by both restaurant owners and it’s users.


10. We are always a first. After introducing Social Wifi to the restaurant market and helping businesses increase their exposure we’re excited to let you know that this is the next big thing, and one more reason why you will simply love working with us again!

System Components

Base Software and Integration with Facebook Page

Core Elements:
1) Menu and Checkout System
2) System Notifications (both Facebook and Email)
3) Order Taking Application (for Android or iOS)
4) Integration with Facebook


Management Control Panel:
5) Order history, reports, and log files
6) Database with all client email addresses and mobile number
7) Menu Update System

Tablet with Order Taking App

You can use any Android or iOS (Apple) tablet that you already have for accepting orders using our Order Taking App. If you don’t we’ll get a Lenovo TAB 3 for you, installed and pre-configured with the Order Taking App.

Get Listed

When purchasing Facebook Orders we give you an Online Eats listing free of charge!