Data Capture

Beautiful landing pages for your Social Wifi.

Get any info that you want from your clients, with their consent. Be it name, email, phone, date of birth, or anything else that you need to get back to your client when you want, and with relevance. We can collect any type of info that you wish.


We have been evolving the Social Wifi network at Cibo for over 2 years now, always working according to client requirements to see how we can help their business. When our clients speak, we listen.

Thirsty Barber

The Thirsty Barber is one of our restaurants who recently upgraded his Facebook Check-In to the Data Capture System. We are of course able to offer any upgrade, we are the market leaders!

Cake Box

The Cake Box is a growing chain here in Malta. Their Social Wifi is customised to be part of a bigger marketing plan. Whale is happy to provide with a custom Social Wifi solutions covering Data Capture.

Whale offers Specialised Digital Services Tailored for better Marketing and Logistics. Set a Meeting with to find the right ones for your business type.