Check-In In Depth

Why Facebook Check-In?

The friends of your clients are potential customers. Get known to them.

Not with sponsored adds, but with organic posts.


More Traffic to your Facebook Page, More Likes.

Increased traffic through:

  • On Site Visitors
  • Their Friends

Proximity marketing, made easy.

The easiest way to market your very last item, to your visitor, and at the right time!


Rank your Facebook Page

Check-ins are even stronger than likes because they mean someone was actually there.

Facebook uses this information to evaluate and rank your page.


Learn more on how Facebook uses this info on the next page!

Rank your page on Nearby Places

nearby places

The Nearby Places on the Facebook App is a simple and effective tool that people use to search for places nearby.

The places with most check-ins, are the first to appear!

If it’s a place where people go
Then it’s a place that Facebook will tell people about.

Get to know your people


We can provide you with periodical statistics that will help you understand your people, their trend, and your social media.

No more annoying “Cannot connect to network” or “wrong password”

You don’t need to waste time running after clients. Clients don’t need to waste time running after you. We have a Universal and User Friendly Solution.


Safeguard your bandwidth

Distribute your bandwidth fairly amongst all users

Our tech support can help you set up an ideal bandwidth management solution that will help you make the best out of your bandwidth, and share it in a fair way amongst your clients.

By limiting network abuse, you will have so much more bandwidth at hand to handle more clients!

Get more Reviews

The following day after checking in,
Your clients will be asked to leave a review!

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